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CHARACTERS NAME:ophelia morgan but prefers to be called Blue
RACE: dragon
AGE: 256 tru age apprent age 20
HEIGHT:5'6 human 20 feet dragon form
WEIGHT: 120 human dragon..uhh heavy.
HAIR: long black hair human..dragon no hair she has light blue scales which give natural armour
but does not shift very often.
EYES: green human dragon flashing green

OCCUPATION/CLASS healer herbilist does business with villagers

PROPERTY:not much..she owns personally a magic staff that was her mothers and a set of armour as well as magic clothing
that will dissapear when she shifts to dragon and come back when she goes back to human just because i do not feel like
doing the incredible hulk thing running aroun with ripped or no clothes

WEAPONS:*dragon( teeth claws breath weapons) human does not use weapons but can still use breath wepons in this form but does not use them for fighing often

HISTORY: mother was killed in battle and left her clutch of eggs near a village far up north that had been kind to her when she was
there for a night. blue was the only remaining egg and survived because she was taken in by a kind human fmaily that treated her as one of thier own
children.growing up was awkward for her as she was stronger and aged slower than other children. one day to escape some cruel kids she wandered into
the woods and promptly got lost and was foung wandering by an old gypsy woman named anya that lived out there and took her in for the night.
she was an old blind woman that the villagers saw as a witch and was not well liked but some how blue found a crack in the old womans armour and she grew to
treat blue as the daughter she never had and taught her healing and herbilism how to make medicines and balms.anya was blind so there were some thing she could not do
so blue helped when ever she needed..she was still kind of an outcast in the village but in anyas house she was treated as a student but more importantly a person.
blues human parents did what they could and had gotten help from anya when blues mother was sick as a child. they had no problem letting blue learn from her.
they discovered that blue had healing magic and it grew from there. when she was 150 there was a baron who ruled the lands that came to the village as he was passing through
and blue cuaght his eye..he asked her to marry him but he was a vain cruel man and she would have nothing to do with him..this angered him to no end and what nobody knew
was he was studying necromancy and came back and attacked the village and blue who was a pacifist had to fight him..he killed alot of the villagers and this angered blue to no end
and she defeated him after which she ripped out his tounge and cute off his hand and then healed him like that so he would not hurt anybody ever again. she fell into a depression about
what she had to do but hid it from the villagers who now saw her as a hero..she cared foe the village and her family until the 4th generation passed away a childless she is traveling
to see what she can find.she thinks of herself more as human than what she is and trys to hide what she really is if she can.
She was able to to find a life in a village in the south but sadly it did not last long and she was forced to move on. The death of her mate was quite devastating and she started to fly aimlessly now landing finally in front of the castle after traveling around for almost a year not sure what to do with herself.

POWERS: uses healing magic but has limeted ablities in it on how much she can heal.
is able to talk to animals
is stronger than a normal human in human form but fairly weak for a dragon
acute sense of smell and hearing.
has two breath and shadow
winged flight
is able to have claws in human form but does not like to use them able to tell what peoples moods and feelings are but if the emotions are too strong she can be affected.

WEAKNESSES: is weak agaist demonic possesion because of something that happened when she fought the necromancer.
is weak agaist other dragons with breath wepons of light and earth or any magic specializing in this.
is a pascifist...will not kill if she can help it.if an enemy is killed it would be accidental and she would feel horrible even if it was an enemy.


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