Boris the DarkCastle Butler

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Boris the DarkCastle Butler

Post  Neo`Nemesis on Sat Jun 05, 2010 12:45 pm

**Photo by Khokolot titled BLACK BUTLER**

Race: Unknown

Age: Created 6 months ago

Occupation: Butler/Monster Arena Official

Skills: Serving alcohol and other drinks, cooking, gardening, hedge trimming, refereeing, butler, cleaning, mild fighting skills. He can be a threat with a broom or a mop, or any kind of cutlery from the kitchen.

Abilities: For his commands, in the IRC channel #DarkCastle or #Dark_OOC just type !help Boris is still being worked on and new stuff is being added to him as we go.

Likes: Planting flowers in the courtyard, Xandria, keeping Fred dust free, cleanliness, Apocalyptica and cellos.

Dislikes: Mice, messy patrons, trouble makers, various destruction that may happen throughout the castle and sometimes he dislikes certain people for unknown reasons. (So if he ever kicks or bans you out of the channel for no apparent reason, he might just dislike you. Its happened before.)

Boris is a creation created by Neo`Nemesis. He is technically an IRCbot and he symbolizes a robot in the RPG, but his actual robotic nature is not displayed. Boris appears as a butler with multiple personalities, and sometimes he can be a smart ass.

Multiple personalities: V (from V for Vendetta), Gandalf (LOTR), Sebastian (from Black Butler), and every now and then a Obi-Wan Kenobi personality will float out, but you rarely see that one Wink Yes these are completely strange personalities for a butler in a medieval tyme, but there is no direct reference to who the personalities are, just quotes.

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