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Maximus at a glance

Post  Maximus on Wed Apr 07, 2010 3:40 pm

In human form....
What do they call him?: Maximus Carrington the 3rd
And he is a?: Male
What's his hair color?: dark brown nearly black
What's his eye color?: Stainless Steel silver
How tall is he?:5'9"
How heavy is he?: unknown
How old is he?:A bit over 678 but doesnt look a day over 30
What he is?: Vampiric Werecat Mage(basically a daywalker/human with a feline features and alt form.)

What does he do for a living?: dimensional traveler and freelance cargo pilot

Kinda Skills he got?: Flight experience nearing 90 years, skilled swords man with both the Katana and Ninjato.

What's some of his Abilities?:Able to control all aspects of the 4 basic elements, water, air, fire and earth with electricity and fire being the main energy forms manipulated. He also has a sizable arsenal of spells ranging from light and electricity spells to healing and magic counter spells.

He Like: Drinking alcohol, flying (when he can) and cuddling.

He Dont Like: Running out of alcohol, having to fight and trouble.

Max is not your typical human. Infact, he's not a human at all. He's a vampiric mage who is gifted with elemental control far beyond even the most seasoned elementals. He's a rarity amongst his kind being one of the very few who can control all 4 elements. His mage abilities is also enhanced by consuming blood of living creatures, preferably humans. His unknown vamporism is a well kept and guarded secret. To this day, its still unknown where he got his vampiric nature from but its speculated to be from his father's side. A powerful spell cast upon himself keeps his blood lust urges in check. Normally quiet and watchful, Max rarely speaks....even to those he knows, opting to mostly keep to himself. When he does talk, however, he's easy to get along with and equally easy to conversant with. He can be rather sarcastic and unbiasedly blunt. He speaks in an odd Australian/Scottish/British mix accent which particularly thickens when he's drunk and switches to more British when he's upset. His dress code varies with mood and ranges from all black Chinese monk like attire with large, interlocking sleeves, a large, black peasant hat and ninja like shoes. Other dress attire ranges from a Hunter/Out doors Man to modern day baggy pants and hoodie. Always has his highly polished Ninjato sword resting in an all black sheath strapped to his side. He also owns 2 aircraft, a highly modified LearJet 25. This aircraft is capable of inter realm travel with the help of both his magical abilities and technology.

In feline form.....
Breed: Calico Maine Coon
Age appearance: about 10
Weight: 15 pounds (Hey Maine Coons are large by breed)

Occupation: Your typical talking house cat

Skills: Stealth, feline cuteness and the ability to get petted by just about anyone.

Abilities: See above

Likes: Oddly enough, drinking alcohol, a good set of soft boobs and women holding him while they're hiccuping. Why? Cause face it, its a fun ride when perched on the right set of boobs. Loves being petted, cuddled, rubbed, held.....he's your typical fuzzy lap cat. Also likes using Neo as a ladder to get to the bar, laying and sleeping on the pub's bar top, tables, chairs and various shelves.

Dislikes: Sudden, loud noises, having been purposely interrupted from his sleep, trouble and people who dont like cats....cause face it, cats rule.

The castle's resident house cat. One can spot this big, 15 pound, fluffy furred Maine Coon lounging about in various places, the bartop being his favorite place to sleep. He mainly keeps quiet in this form, opting to meow when needing to get one's attention. He's laid back and calm and always welcome a petting hand. Although not sexist, he does tend to favor females and loves being held by them. Appearance is everything and Max does his best to keep himself looking good. A big stand out for this feline is the fact he's a male calico.....not many of those around.

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