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Name: MasterDarkSoul

Age: 900+
Hair: Jet Black
Eyes: One Eye - Silver
Body Build: Stonge Body Builder
Clothes: Black Pants, Hard Leather Boots, Belt And Is It A Trench Coat Or Wings?
Race/Breed: DemonAxe Breed
Main Weapon: (Two Sided Two Ended 6 Foot Long Battle Axe)
Side Weapons: 6 Daggers On His Belt, 2 Wing Blades In Both Boots
Sex: Male
Likes: Money, Ladys, Weapons, Music, Books, Building, Tools, Fighting, Spells, Swiming and Partys
Dislikes: Drunks, Mean People, People Who Think They Are Gods

Past: Wish to know DarkSoul's Past? well.. to know Darksoul. you will need to know the DD's Past...
(Leans back against a wall as he takes out a pipe and lights it) you better have a seat...
a long time ago in another realm... (TalkCity Tyran)
a man named DarkSoul showen up in Tyran. he had no idea who he was or anything before he walked into the Tavern...
when he seen a woman named MadamSky with many of people around her. at first Dark was not sure what to make of this people.
sure they seem like nice people. but he was not sure.
after some time of watching them he learned they are a clan, but seem more then just a clan but almost family like.
sure they was almost just starting out but was starting stronge.
after another week of watching them DarkSoul though he should join them, believeing somewhere deep inside he belongs with them.
It had taken some time before he was able to join them. and once he has joined the DD's he known the job he was made for. to be a Sage.

After mounths of trainning with a name oddly Named Sage, DarkSoul started to grown in skills and ablitys.
He was no longer the simple Sage In Trainning But A Full Ledg Sage.
A good year pasted and any of battles, and quests before he found someone alot like him. DarkHeart, A Woman who was to be his love for life.

Sure everything was going great for the two. they even got marryed and had two childern.... DarkFire and DarkBreed....

DarkSoul was a man who could walk the clouds if wanted to. but one thing keeped him grounded... His Past...
He could ot remember anything from it, but it did not mean his past forgot about him, Enter a man named MasterDom.

One day as DarkHeart and DarkSoul where in bed asleep MasterDom came to their home and murder DarkHeart in her own bed next to Darksoul. and
kidnapped both DarkFire and DarkBreed.... Telling DarkSoul. if he wishs to save his childern he has to remember his past and fallow his true calling.
helpless Darksoul had left the DD's inorder to find his past to save his childern

~Meeting The Past Life~

For DarkSoul. time always seemed slow to him. Days turned to months after the lost of his wife and childern and MasterDom always reminded him
why he was looking for his past by sending him things like Hair or clothes from his childerns.
It was almost madding for DarkSoul. he did not know what he was lloking for. nothing to go by.
only thing he could really think of was his childern. he had to get them back.
almost a year has gone by before he was sitting in a bar drinking himself stupid untell a guy bumped up against DarkSoul spilling his drink.
out of anger DarkSoul walked up to the kid and pushing him from behind. the kid turned pulling a knife getting ready to stab at DarkSoul
when a man looking in his late 90's told the kid to step away from DarkSoul before he gets killed.

Next morning DarkSoul wakes up within a old barn feeling like his head was split open, only to find it almost was.
Next to his side was a glass of water and some bread. just the smell of food made him ill as he just drinks the water when he hears by the door.
(You should eat it anyways. it will keep you from passing out again.)
First thing and only thing DarkSoul could think of was to fight, but no matter how hard he would try to get up just could not move his legs.
finding it pointless to try and fight it. he just obays and listen to the old man as he tells a story of a man who lost it all and is now on a pass to a end
of a breed.
The old man known something about Darksoul and had to wait untell he can move again to beat it out of the Old man.
and as sure. Darksoul was able to buy some time untell he could move again, just as DarkSoul was about to jump at the old man. the old man changed in
a blink of a eye to show what the Breed he was talking about back handing DarkSoul like a small child to the ground.
All DarkSoul could do was lay there like a beaten dog as the old man changed back telling the rest of the story.


Over time DarkSoul gave the old man a name (DarkDemon) as they trainned so DarkSoul can master his inner Demon untell he resev a box from MasterDom.
as much as DarkDemon told DarkSoul to not open it. within the box was the heads of his childern....
feeling angery and lost DarkDemon told him it was time to put a end to DarkSoul's Brother!
dumfounded that the person who killed his wife and childern was his own brother. DarkSoul lost all things that made him human like. and was now
what he was before. DemonAxe Breed and was time to end MasterDom.

~The End Of Dom~

After 5 years of tracking and hunting down MasterDom, both DarkSoul and DarkDemon had him cornered when MasterDom said two words that
made DarkSoul numb to everything. (Hello Father) DarkDemon Was DarkSouls And MasterDoms Father!
because DarkSoul was lost to everything the batter was between DarkDemon and MasterDom endding with both killing one another leaving DarkSoul
with no one. no family. no friends. nothing but a bloody past behind him and a dying breed.

~A New Path In Life~
Now DarkSoul returns to the DD's in hope they would take him back and find his place within the world....


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