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About Dark Castle RPG

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About Dark Castle RPG

Welcome to DCRPG! This is a semi-medieval FFRPG. Meaning you can have some modern things but don't go overboard with it.

You walk along a path coming up onto a large castle in the distance. It stands high over the tree tops. Walking through the forest you come up to the castle's draw bridge that lies open over a large murky moat that flows into a small lake next to the castle. Once inside the doors you'll see a winding path up the hillside to the castle's main doors, walking through the doors you'll see a grassy court yard and cobblestone path through it, at the end you'll see a large set of double doors.

To the right side of the court yard is a small pool with an angel statue (Murderlady) nestled into the trees coming up on the right side of the castle, and to the left side of the courtyard is a sprawling grassy knoll with flowers lining the wall, and a small gardening shed.

Murdermaid Pond

Walking through those double doors takes you into the commons where there is a large bar and plenty of couches and tables scattered through out along with a long Kings table in the middle of the room. Off to the far left of the room is a wall with windows in it, facing out over the lake. There is a suit of armour that stands between the last two windows closest to the corner. He has been dubbed Sir Fredivere, or Fred for short.

There are plenty of rooms to stay in and an armoury with enough weapons and armour to hold over a small army. In the lake next to the castle there is a lake monster named Dave, he's a water God, and a nice fellow as long as you don't cross him.

Once your in the commons you have the eastern hallway and the western hallway, both link together with a staircase at the end leading down to the dungeons and wine cellar, and up to the 2nd floor where tower access can be found. On the second floor of the castle there is a large library with many old books and documents, nothing dated over 1404 has been found there.

Here is a view of the library, although this is only a small part of the large library.

There is also a smaller common room inside the library with a large marble fire place, similar to the fire place on the 1st floor. The library is a 2 story library, with spiral stair cases leading to the third floor of the castle (or the 2nd floor of the library) with tower access to the astronomy tower which sits right on top of the library.

There are other rooms on the 2nd floor, including a gallery, and a dining hall and another armoury. From the 2nd floor up there are many stair cases that lead up to the 3rd floor, but in different hallways. From the 2nd going up it is really easy to get lost. The castle has many floors and many towers, with lots of rooms for boarding, and bath houses.

Walking out the back of the castle you will come into a small court yard, almost like a small communal village, with two paths, one leading to a set of double doors (the back door of the castle) and the other leading along the castle's western wall to the main courtyard in the front.

Small communal court yard/village towards the rear of the castle, as viewed from one of the smaller towers.

Once outside the back doors you see another worn path in the ground that looks like it hasn't been walked on for some time, at the end of the path is an old church house that's probably been there longer than the castle has...

No map of the castle is yet available but it will be soon, I assure you!

More info to come!

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