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MadamSkye's Bio

Post  MadamSkye on Wed Jun 16, 2010 3:45 am

Where to begin....

Name: MadamSkye
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130lbs
Hair Color/Length: Chestnut Brown/Hip Length
Eye Color: Whiskey Brown
Age: 3 centuries
Race: Vampire

The story of MadamSkye is a long one but here are the facts in short form. She became a vampire approximately at the age of 25 when she met VampereArmand. They separated and she was left to her own devices for quite a long time. She wandered the earth and found a place called Tyrans Cove where she founded a Dynasty and lived for atleast a Century. She had once again be in contact with VampereArmand and they married to rule her small group of clansmen. (Approximately about 300 persons.)

After a time she met and was introduced to a young dragon with a big heart. He became part of her personal guard. Always there to watch over her and keep her informed of what was happening outside the family. This would be who she calls 'my dragon' even tho his name is The_RedDragon. Always close like family a bond unbroken by time.


On a battlefield those of the DuskDwellers Clan, MadamSkye's family many were lost but several survived their injuries but MadamSkye was hurt gravely. She ended up going to the caverns deep beneath her castle to heal. Unbeknownst to her that doing this would place her into a sleep she would not awake from for atleast a century. During this time as she has been told much changed. Those of her clan died of old age and she was forgotten except by those that have a life length as large as hers. 'My Dragon', was nowhere to be seen when she awoke and many did not know who she was when she wandered upstairs till they saw the portrait of her above the great mantle and gasped in shock. As it was a new era she decided to wander the lands once again in search of her dragon.


Traveling about with her newest attainment you will see a little creature named "DeadBolt". He is a demon imp and he makes her laugh because of his antics. He is a warrior even tho he is small and just as fiesty. As they traveled she found he had a craving for all things shiney. His little backpack full sometimes to the brim and beware the one who tries to take those items from him.

On her journey to seek out her dragon she finally came across a place far from where she started from. She sensed his presence and was elated. She found him at a castle named DarkCastle along wish some new friends and acquaintences. Entering the castle she new the moment he sensed her presence as he stopped in mid sentence to look about. With her hood drawn and covering her features a grin upon her lips her wait was over and her journey over for the time being.


Her new journey.. a new century with the one she calls 'my dragon' will be epic as it always has been she knows this. She also knows that there is much going on and it is one of the reasons she finally awoke from that deep slumber all those years ago. She could hear his call to her and her only response was to find him. Now she has....


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