DeluXe-RPGenerator Beta - BETA RELEASED!!!

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DeluXe-RPGenerator Beta - BETA RELEASED!!!

Post  Neo`Nemesis on Tue Jun 15, 2010 5:09 am

As some of you know I am in the process of coding a RPGenerator for mIRC. It will also have direct access through the Monster Arena which will be used through Boris_II.

The RPGenerator is a dice based RPG system, that mixes dice RPGs with Final Fantasy and FFRPGs. It has a HP/MP system, along with STR and DEF stats and an experience and level up system. It uses a player to player (p2p) interface to communicate between players.

The cool thing about the RPGenerator is that after the Beta is released, I will begin coding RPGenerator Add-ons, you can build your own RPGenerator to suit the needs of your characters. As soon as the RPGenerator beta is released, I will begin making the addons, the first addon will be a statistic upgrade, changing the stats from STR and DEF to STR, DEF, MAG, MDEF, EVA, DEX, WIS. I will also make a "Mage Addon" that will have magical abilities for you players who have Mage characters, and I am also toying with the notion of bringing in GFs (FFVIII) and Aeons (FFX) into the game... We'll see. There will also be other upgrades like a "Armour and weapon addon" that allows you to equip your character for more defense, and more attacking power.

The possibilities are endless! Check back for more!

DeluXe-RPGenerator Beta (revised beta 1.5) is done and ready for download!
Download DeluXe-RPGenerator

Sadly enough I was unable to get the Monster Arena in with the beta, so that is going to be the first addon available for the RPGenerator!

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