Air Ships (Found in the Library within the castle)

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Air Ships (Found in the Library within the castle)

Post  Neo`Nemesis on Sat Jun 05, 2010 1:19 pm

Neo wrote:Behold what I have found, while looking through one of the archives within the library, I found drawings and schematics on these contraptions... They're called air ships. What strange looking ships.

Neo wrote:The visual style of each airship varies between ages. In several ages, they are repaired and improved. And in many they have built in weapons for random encounters, which attack at the beginning of a battle. However, in some ages flight is abstracted with a short cut and essentially allows the pilot to teleport between locations. The impossibly fast 'Nautilus' in Zero-Bronze age was dubbed the fastest airship in the whole realm, traveling across the world in less than 10 hours

Neo wrote:Some of these contraptions look pretty nice, I might try to build one, anyone else?


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