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Demon (Fire Demon)

About 1700 years


Black belt in Kung Fu + Zi Quan (Drunken Fist), Superior blade skills

Basic Demon Magic (includes basic healing), Advanced fire creation/manipulation, Demon strength, Can transform into demon form (no pic yet), Eternal youth (NOT Immortal, he can still be killed he just doesn't grow old) and basic telekinesis.

Sparring, martial arts matches, women, wine, hunting, cooking, exploring and trekking. He also enjoys playing with fire.

Over-powered douche bags, unrealistic mofos, dirty fighters, scratches on the DC floor after having just waxed it. He doesn't hate using his magics but he does prefer a good martial challenge over a battle of slinging magic around.

He is unsure of his actual birthday. He was born about 1700 years ago to a human. He is what you'd call a "physical anomaly" begin a full blooded demon. Since he was born to a human he has the ability to change from a human state to his demon state, but he rarely needs to transform. He also has a pair of black feathery wings that he can bring forth from his back in his human form.

He has no memory of his childhood or of his mother. There was no father. All he can recollect is running rampant through villages and towns spreading evil and death everywhere he went, until finally one day when he was about 100 years old he was finally defeated by the peoples of Light. He descended to hell. Upon arrival of Hell, He met Lucifer. Neo became jealous of Lucifer's power, knowing he had enough to power to rule over Hell, he attempted to overthrow Lucifer and take his thrown. Lucifer didn't stand for it and he cast Neo deep into the fires of Hell. For about 50 years he had to battle his way back to Lucifer's castle, once again storming the castle attempting to overthrow Lucifer.

Lucifer was impressed by Neo's determination and strength. So as a test he cast Neo even further into the fires of Hell, to see if he would return. And he did, 150 years later he returned to Lucifer's Castle in Hell, attempting to overthrow Lucifer once again. Lucifer had Neo restrained and made him a offer. Either burn in the fires of Hell as a human, or lead Lucifer's army. Neo declined both offers, breaking free from Lucifer's clutches, he fought his way to the river of Styx, and got across, breaking through the gates of hell returning to the world of the living.

Once free from Hell he began to ravage the earth, leaving nothing but destruction in his wake. Until one day something changed in Neo. He came across a elven tribe in a land called Nibel, where he met a elven woman named Angelica. They fell in love and Neo suddenly changed from evil to good, and was appointed the King of Nibel. For 600 years Neo and his Elven Queen ruled over the kingdom of Nibel. Soon there-after his elven wife gave birth to their daughter Lothiel (Elvish for Beautiful flower). The Princess of Nibel had been born, but when his daughter was still very young, the kingdom of Nibel was invaded by the armies of Hell.

Lucifer's Army ravaged the land of Nibel, leaving Neo chained to a pentagram on top of the mountain overlooking his castle. He never saw his elven queen or his daughter ever again. His wife was presumed to be dead, but he can still sense his daughter out there somewhere...

After his kingdom burned he spent the next 300 years wandering the realms looking for his lost family, still not yet to find even a single piece of evidence.

He spent a lot of time in the lands of the Orient, where he learned Zhongguo Wushu a type of kung-fu (Look it up on Wikipedia). He also knew a series of special kung-fu techniques known as Zi Quan (Drunken Fist). He also learned to wield a katana as well as a fighting staff, but he prefers the katana over the staff. Although when it comes to a fight, Neo likes to use his Kung-Fu skills. Because of his demon strength and basic healing, it makes him one tough competitor to fight fist against fist. He's won hundreds of martial arts tournaments.

**Images by xPorcelainHeartx titled Skull, Brrrr (avatar pic), and Wind in your hair 1 Thnx!**

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