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Rules - Read this

Post  Neo`Nemesis on Wed Apr 07, 2010 6:53 am

Welcome to Dark Castle RPG!
These are the rules. They have been implemented to provide a fun environment to RP in, and a friendly chat environment. Please do your best to follow them.

By joining #DarkCastle and #Dark_OOC and by participating in the RPG or chatting you are automatically submitting that you have read these rules and policies!

We'd like you to know that the /ignore command is a very useful command on IRC. Use it when it is needed!

DCRPG Staff reserve the right to ban/kick users for any reason at any time. All bans are permanent/temporary depending on the nature of the problem.

The rules are subject to change without notice so check this often.

1. You get three warnings usually, depending on the nature of the broken rule.
2. No God modding, your character is not more powerful than everybody else's. Play fair.
3. No Trolling, we are unamused by troll-lamers.
4. Keep ooc to #Dark_OOC it ruins the game when you interrupt.
5. No spam/flood bots or hostile scripts, automatically banned for that one.
6. NO OOC DRAMA we have little tolerance for drama. In most cases, penalties automatic ban.
7. Do not harass other users in channel or in PM while playing in DCRPG.
8. If another player is bothering you in some way that violates the policies listed below, please notify a DCRPG staff member, or use the /ignore command!

OOC Drama Free Zone policy
OOC Drama will not be tolerated in DCRPG. In most cases of drama, it will be resolved (either by the users or an DCRPG Op), and if you have to argue with someone, take it to #Dark_OOC or PM! Do not let it get out of hand. If the user asks you to leave them alone, LEAVE THEM ALONE. If you persist to be a ignorant nuisance you will be removed from the game. If a DCRPG Staff Member steps in and tells the people involved to DROP THE SUBJECT and MOVE ON, those who do not move on will be banned.

Conduct/Harassment Policy
Due to recent happenings in #DarkCastle, we are implementing a conduct policy. First things first, when you are in character there will be NO SEX/RAPE SCENES in the main room, let alone any other sexual activity that takes place below the waist. Take that stuff into a private channel or in your PM. Secondly, violation of this policy will penalty an automatic permanent ban!.
If you are caught harassing other users in the main or OOC channel you will be banned. Harassment includes sexual misconduct, along with anything else that the DCRPG staff can consider as harassment. If you are asked to leave someone alone, LEAVE THEM ALONE. If you are doing something in character with another player, and they disagree on your actions and ask you to leave them alone, do so. Do not harass other players in channel or in PM!

More to come I assure you.

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